suspension decision.. last post for today...i swear

Ok.. I swear this is my last post for today.. really...

(Can you tell I'm a little over-stoked about my 650L ? !!)

My primary use as I have stated in earlier posts is road..

The stock suspension feels good, and believe it or not, I do like the height... or at least I am used to it and don't mind it....

What is the first thing I should do as far as the suspension is concerned?

Please.... Anybody?

Mucho thanx......


Springs. Call a reputable suspension company ( I went to race tech) and get the proper springs for your weight, riding style, terrain etc. Made a HUGE difference in my xr650r. While your at it, replace the Honda factory whale-snot with a top quality fork oil. I use Amsoil "shock therapy" suspension fluid in my forks and I love the stuff. My bike feels firm, yet plush. No more "squishy" suspension. The smoothness has INCREASED as have bottoming resistance and control. Its something you have to experience to believe.

by the way, excessive posting is a good thing...provided they are good posts. See, I just upped my post count again. :)

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