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Just bought my AlpineStars Adventure Outfit

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Well I just got my XR400R (aka Ranger) converted to DC, added a horn, stop light, license light and mirror then took it for inspection last Saturday. It passed just fine DESPITE the inspector stating that I was missing a bunch of stuff (like turn signals and hi-beam). Told ya ... I know the regulations straight from DMV dude.

So now that I have it ready to ride, I decided to bite the bullet and order a complete adventure setup with all the armor. OUCH! Hurt the balance but it will be more than worth it.

Went with the AS Andes V2 with the nucleon back, chest and hip inserts. I'll update my thread once I receive it and let everyone know how it fits and works together. They state that the sizes run small so I went super big on the size (2XL jacket 3XL pant) to make sure that there is plenty of room for me, my clothes and the padding.

Some selling points - the jacket zips to the pants across the back, waterproof liner, thermal liner (removable), removable protection inserts (all CE approved) and good venting that will keep you cool in the summer.   


I'm really looking forward to getting it all and trying it out

So what adventure gear are you sporting?

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Indeed I did - Bell MX9 helmet and Sidi boots. 


I was a little worried about the light color but I will scotchguard it and hopefully it will clean up ok. My offroad riding is mainly dirt roads and such - not much trails and dense thickets. 


And sorry about the double post guys. - @MODERATOR can you delete the double post??

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Update - Finally got the chance to take out Ranger and hit some local green lanes around the fairgrounds in my new duds. Got to do some good power slides, rode over a bunch of bramble, rubble and generally crappy surfaces and Ranger didn't skip a beat and I stayed upright.

The gear is just awesome. I've done all of the adjustments for the padding, straps and cinch belt and this thing fits really well. Paired with my Sidi boots, Sidici gloves and Bell helmet it is the complete package. A couple of notes:

Its somewhat heavy - you'll be getting a workout when you suit up and wear it. 

Its hot - unless you're moving you will be sweating a LOT. Be certain to hydrate every time you stop or take regular breaks. I was riding in 84* overcast skies and I worked up a good dripping sweat in my 1 hour ride. Granted I was off-road, standing and moving a lot on the bike.

Its really comfortable - When I first donned the suit I felt a little like the marshmallow man and thought that mobility would be an issue. Once I started to really move around and push the bike out of the shop and get ready to ride the stiffness became a non issue and the suit really started to move with me a lot more. I was even able to swing a leg over the high seat without pulling my groin or needing a step stool.

It has removable cold weather liner - Honestly here in central TX I don't know if I will ever need this but I could see riding in this suit in Antarctica and still sweating with the thermal liner in. I really look forward to nice long fall rides.

It has good ventilation - chest, back and thigh vents help move air around you. Would be nice to have lower leg vents.

It has CE certified Armor available - Out of the box it comes with padded foam inserts - Back, chest and hip but you can also buy CE certified Alpinestars Neucleon chest, back and hip protectors (which I did). They will increase the weight of the suit a bit. The knee, shoulder and elbow are already CE from the manufacturer.

Overall if you are looking for a great suit I can recommend this one.

Now - Get Out There! 


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