What brand numbers do you run?

So far I have yet to find any brand of numbers that actually stick down onto my plastic. I've tried a few el'cheapo number sets that cost around $5 US and they barley hold down by themselves. Especially on that dam exhaust side, any tips for sticking them down here?.

It would also be nice if I could get numbers that actually last for more than one moto. What brand/type have you lot found to work good on the yzf's?

Are you pre-cleaning the plastic with alcohol or like substance prior to applying the numbers?

I must say I have VERY good success with Factory Effex numbers. Very thick, very sticky. :) Uh, the numbers that is. . .

If your cleaning the surface well, you shouldnt have any issues with them sticking...as for the exhaust side, get a good peice of reflective heat paneling and attatch it to the inside of your number plate...will keep it from heating up and making your numbers and or graphics from sliding around.

The personalized backgrounds from decal works are awesome. You can get whatever you want. They are $60 for the two side panels and front number plate. I will never buy any thing else. They also cover the whole plate so you never have to worry about scratching the panels. Just don't break them and they will last a long time. When your ready to change the looks of you bike you just have to take the old backgrounds off and put new ones on.

I second Decalworks. Tried some other companies, but Decalworks has probably the best quality background and fit is very good.

Decalworks for sure. I think I rode my 426 once before I put them on and they ahve never tried to come off. I small tear but hey, when the bike is laying on your foot and you have to yank it out, what do you expect? LOL!

If you use these, I recommend windex on the panel and the back of the decal. Also, getting the decal hot will make it more plyable and easier to fit around the curves on the side panels easier.

Another vote for Decalworks. :)

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