Foot Pegs

What do you think of the wide foot pegs like the Fastways? Can you feel a difference? I am going nuts waiting for spring. It keeps blanken snowing up here. Which meens, instead of ridding my bike I just spend money on it. :)

I had wide pegs from IMS on my XR400. I loved them. A very noticeable difference. Haven't looked into them for the WR , since the stock pegs are much wider than the XR's.

I know what you mean by spending $$ when you're not riding. Just look at my signature. :) I can barely afford to eat, but damn, the bike looks cool. :D

I have climbed off my WR and onto my budddies YZ with the fastaway's. Wow. Huge difference. I could definitely get used to those big flat fatties!

It's one of those things, you don't notice your pegs aren't what they could be until you feel how good the others are.

To be sure, his are the big flat ones with the set screws for traction. I would put them on in a heartbeat if I had the money to burn. :)

It just snowed 3 more inches today :) so it looks like I am going to have to order some new pegs.:D

I feel your pain. It's coming down hard here too. :)

:thinking:Hmmmm...a new CamelBak would be cool... aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrggghhh

I rode a friend of mines bike with the Fastway pegs. I just had to have them! Got em last week and rode today. To tell the truth, I couldn't tell a whole lot of difference. Maybe a little with the xtra width but a lot with the grip. I even ripped the sole on my old Tech 8's. Well I needed some new ones anyway. Overall I would give them an A++++.

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