Range WR450F?

Next week I will participate in what is one of Latin America's largest rallies with my WR450F. One of the time tests is comprised of 214 kilometer of beaches and dunes. There will be a tank refil point at 14O km, I have a 5L tank in addition to my 10 litre stock tank . I run a 14x44tooth gearing. Question do I have enough range with my bike? It should do aproximately 10km/liter (or 26 miles per gallon) can it do that under these conditions?

I am running the same basic set up as you and I can get 60 to 80 miles out of the stock tank. You may want to carry extra fuel if in doubt. The sand should rob power and burn more fuel, but it really depends on the rider being smooth as to how much fuel you burn. I have a small bottle that mounts to the crossbar with extra gas when on real long trips because I hate to walk.

buy a bigger tank YOU WILL need it.

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