New Sticker Kit?

I just bought a new sticker kit, I've never put one on! Any tips to not screw it up and get it alligned right and bubble free???

Dont Piss off the Graphics god

She will get pissed and turn them yellow

:) Sorry SpudKing

Hey A dude here Jeff bailey should have some good advice, He makes some good stuff to add stickies


I use good ol Windex, Clean the area real good, then douch the area with windex and apply the stickers. It will let you position and work the bubbles out until it sets (Use A clean Paper Towel of Cotton Diaper). It takes a few minutes to set as you work the bubbles clear and it evaporates.....

Windex has never failed me

Good luck

PS Dont listen to anyone else :D

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Go back to the main discussion page and use the "search" function and type in "graphics". There has been a lot of questions like this and a whole bunch of different answers with varying degrees of detail. My favorite (although I haven't tried any of them) is the hot water bath because it allows you to line up the graphics multiple times to get it just right.

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