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ESR 325 kit on 2017 model pinging

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Ok......so heres the story

 I had a 2000 Yz with a ESR kit on it... it blew the gear box, so i thought stuff it and went and bought a 2017 and put the ESR fit on it.

 First ride and it is pinging pretty bad coming out of corners under load, once it get moving pinging stops

it is a pump fuel model set up with mx porting

CC'd the head and it is 32cc

Squish is 1.5mm

Compression tested it and it is 150 psi


I have retarded the time from 0.010 to 0.007, but have not yet taken it for a ride is it was pouring rain her in Australia over the weekend.

Anyone else have any similar problems ???

or have any ideas ???

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that squish is what it came with

stock timing on the 2017 is .010

i have now set it at .007 in the hopes it reduces the pinging


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1.5mm should be fine.

Are you using fresh AUS 98 fuel?

Have you checked the squish clearance yourself, from the edge to edge? I'm wondering if the squish angle is wrong, so your squish aint working since the gases cannot escape to the dome region.  Just a wild guess.

Detonation usually comes from too much heat and/or compression. 

If your pinging (at low RPM) usually happens at a specific throttle position, then perhaps the jetting is lean at that position.

Retarding the spark is a good idea. Another idea is going one step colder on the spark plug. Be sure to test with a new spark plug.

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