Steel or aluminum sprockets?

What are most of you guys running as far as gears? Mine came with 13/48... seems alittle to low geared, I dont think I could break 70mph

I'm running steel. 13/50 and it's still to fast. I'm positive it will still do over 70. Qadsan posted some speeds with different gearing a couple of weeks ago. I think his chart was showing 80 with 13/50.

Go with steel first off. Aluminum is for Beer cans and skidplates. Moose has great chromoly steel sprockets and good X-ring chains. I just went with a 14 front and 50 rear and like it alot.

Ironman sprockets & 15/48 DID ERV2 chain - the best money can buy. Beat you to the post Irondude! :)

i've been running a 47 on the rear. using the oem sunstar sprocket. not very happy with it. i bought three at once and just the other day mounted my third rear sprocket since january.

i got two races out of the first 47. must of swapped into a rock or took a rock in the wheel house, it folded the sprocket almost in half...

then i ran the second of the three 47s i bought. got three races out of it and a couple of sundays ago at the enduro i musta picked up another rock and sheared about three teeth off...

not very happy with these sunstar sprockets that are sold through the honda parts catalog.

(before you guys say anything about my unusal sprocket wear, yes i change the chain and countershaft sprocket every time i change a rear... and yes my drivetrain from rear sprocket to front is straight, and yes i run proper tension in my chanin).

anyhow, so i'm gonna change the program and find a new sprocket to run. has anyone had any luck with the renthal sprockets? i can get those cheap...

what about tag's sprockets? can get those cheap too...


yer just to fast for me....!

I now run the 15/47--and i am loving it. Ironman sprockets are the ticket. One year money back guarentee--on a sprocket!!

They wear so little that i can go back and forth with the rear sprocket without stretching the chain.

I tried the Renthal aluminum at the 1000-it was totally worn out after 1000 miles...

Ironman are the ticket IMHO....

Over 70 mph? At what rpm's I dont think I could blast down a desert dirt road for long at 70, maybe for short burst

It just seems slow... I have a speedo on mine, properly set - got to 85 on the pavement.

I asked this question a couple weeks ago. I went with the cheaper aluminum and a 14-45 gearning. the gearing was excellent :) smooth power and easier to keep a steady pace through the rough stuff. I will probally go with the Sidewinder or Ironman sprocket when this one shows wear. I think this gearning will do about 95 :D

Do any of you guys have any experience with Titax Stainless rear Sprockets and Steel Fronts? I've come to the conclusion from what everyone is saying that I need steel front and rear sprockets and an X-ring chain and I was looking at the Titax sprockets and the DID Gold X-ring as well as the Ironman and Moose sprockets.

Ironman has a very good reputation but I haven't heard much about or used Titax.

with the 13/48 on my bike, I have topped out at well over 80. Cruising at 70 was REALLY buzzy, until I switched to AMSOIL synthetic oil. That smoothed out the buzz and really quieted the motor down. Good stuff. I like the 13/48 combo so much better trhan the stock 14/48. I wont be going back to a 14t counter sprocket. As for stell vs. aluminum, the big thumper has a tendancy to munch aluminum sprockets if you ride it hard. I prefer steel for thier longevity.

Steel. 15/48. Big torque justifies tall gearing, you'll most likely be breaking 70,80,+,?

03 650, un corked, stage one cam, uni, full Xrs only exhaust,IMS pegs, scotts dampner, BRP clamps, Precision with custom spring in rear eibach front, pro taper cr/hi, stainless spokes w/blk excel, 3.2 IMS, cycra, 168 68 3rd clip 2.5 turns out. Fun Bike

Some thoughts on sprocket combos for our bike:

I tried the 13-50 combo for a technical Hair Scrambles (Laughlin) and thought it worked OK--the idea that lower gearing would mean more response in the tight stuff, etc. seemed reasonable...and for sure i had 3 gears to play with during the 5 hour/80 mile race (hows that for an average speed..)

Then i tried 15-47 at a technical race-Tecate-and it was AWESOME! MUCH better traction than 13-50. I've really re-thought how to approach tight technical stuff on the BRP. Now i think tall gearing and every once in a while a bit of fanning the clutch is the way to go. The low end grunt of our bike assures it wont stall going up a choke point like a dry waterfall or muddy rut up a hill with a tight turn in it with roots sticking out...where 13-50 too often meant i risked loosing traction by spinning the wheel -- the taller 15-47 - means i can go long sections without shifting gears, and have the low end to grunt thru tricky stuff without breaking traction...just my two pesos worth!

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