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Coolant leaking from side case split line?

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Has anyone ever had coolant leak out quite aggressively from the split line on the side case (pretty much right behind the water pump)? 

I had a leak from the weep hole so I just took the side case off and inspected the shaft and the water pump seal. The seal looked fine but it was leaking heavily so I replaced the seal slapped everything together, topped up the oil and coolant and fired up the bike to do a leak check. Right away coolant starts leaking (leaking with pressure behind it) out of the split line on the side case. I figured that coolant must have somehow been pumped into the side case cavity so I drain the oil to check and it comes out squeaky clean (no coolant in the oil)? Did I forgot something when I put the side case back on? Maybe a coolant passage on the side case I missed...? 

In retrospect when I originally thought coolant was coming out of the weep hole it was likely coming of of the split line and just appeared to be coming from the weep hole.

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