15T to 13T, easy and needed.

24 minutes ago, Johnny Depp said:

Good luck wearing out the Michelin's, I finally decided to pull mine at 63 hrs. after riding it on pavement for a couple of months with a brand new set of dirt sneakers waiting in the garage. I've got my dual sport IRC GP1's on it on my 2nd set of wheels for now and am going to finally try to put some miles on them for a while.

I figured you went for the 13t for the better towing..

I ride 11 miles to and from work every day then whatever I get to ride off-road on the weekends.  I want the tire to wear out but it seems that it might be a while, which is ok too.  All the tires I've had for my vehicles, and they have been many, their tires are known for lasting a long time.  

13T for more instant torque, no wait times, no lines.  Just all giddy-up.  

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