New sticker Kit, need tips putting it on.

Any tips, do's and dont's, etc to putting on a new sticker kit? This is my first time and I want to do it right.

1: Dont do it Drunk

2: Dont Do it if your wife is pissed

3: Dont do it if your ding bat neighbor is giving you advise

Thats the best I can come up with except

Avoid Scratch's

Gees ego, ya didnt tell him about the windex!

Get your tank other parts good and clean with acetone or naptha, then prior to applying the sticker, douse the part in Windex. The windex will allow you to postion the sticker perfectly. You'll need some sort of squeege to squeege out the windex, some guys have had decent luck with bondo spreaders. Also, you may want to soak the stickers in warm water prior to application so they will be more compliant on the compound curves.

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