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help: CR125 1986 clutch cover doesn't fit 1985 water pump shaft

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I'm restoring a 1985 cr125. Like many others my clutch cover was corroded beyond repair and I did get a 1986 replacement but would really like some input on what i found next.

The 1985 cr125 cover I have has 600 stamped on it, the 1986 one is slightly wider and has 700 stamped on it. This added width means the 1985 water pump shaft does not quite fit right. It's very hard to find information on exactly this point, there's plenty around about repairing covers and what not, but I can't find reference anywhere to the changes in the water pump shaft.

My measuring was done poorly sorry, but the 1985 shaft is 75mm in length, I expect the 1986 is about 3-5mm longer.

The 1986 shaft is the one with the plastic insert/ramps, the 1985 is the one without. This checks out on the honda parts manuals so I do believe I am right.

My issue is I need to find someone with knowledge of this and am trying very hard to find a 1986 cr125 shaft to physically measure and see if it fits. If anyone has any ideas of somewhere wrecking a 1986 that I can buy this part from please let me know!

I don't understand why people say the 1986 cover is interchangeable with the 1985 and don't mention the shaft needs to change also, maybe I'm just a dummy but it has caught me out. The only actual pictures I can find of the 1986 shaft are those attached named WP-Shaft...

Anyone with any info on this topic I'd love to hear from you. Sorry for all the pictures, I hope this thread can be of use for people in the future so I've included as much info/pics as I can.

Thanks a heap,






E04 - Water Pump Pics.png

WP_Shaft_ identified as 1986.jpg

WP_Shaft_1-86 I think.jpg






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Is the shaft the only piece that doesnt fit ?

going by Honda microfiche - the 86 shaft is only compatible with the 86 125

can you get the 86 shaft machined to match the 85 ?

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It's a tough one.

So as far as I can tell, i can't use my 85 parts with the 86 cover. I don't think I can get the 85 part to be modified at all to work. I am hoping I can get an 86 shaft to fit the 86 cover - but I was hoping someone in here might be able to confirm if I'm correct and/or help me find an 86 shaft so I can buy it and see if it fits. At this stage it is only the shaft that does not seem to fit, it's just a bit too short. From the microfiche everything else is the same.




For completeness of information

This is a link to the 1985 parts Diagram


This is a link to the 1986 parts Diagram


(note when you run your mouse over the parts they get highlighted up in the diagram, very little difference between the 1986 and 1985, besides the shaft of course)



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for completeness of info

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Any ideas anyone? I'm sure there's heaps of old school gurus that know about this but probably none of them bother with forums and interwebs :)

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its a bit of pita - 86 only fits 86 - you can still get 87 water pump shafts tho  :banghead:

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Well after searching everywhere I was lucky enough to snag one that just came up on ebay, bought it as soon as I saw it.

I'll write back when I receive it and hopefully that's the issue solved. Full steam ahead on the restore now.


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