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Lower coolant crossover pipe, beware!

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After having changed my front sprocket to a 13T, I gave my bike a going over with some sockets and am glad I did.  I was missing one of the bolts that hold on the plastic that goes over the muffler.  Another bolt that bolts the plastic under the subframe was backed out 1/2-way.  

The biggest problem was the crossover pipe at the bottom of the radiators was touching the bottom of the exhaust and had worn away some of the pipe.  I'm glad I caught it as I'd have been livid if it had holed somewhere and got me stuck somewhere.  

My solution was to take a big zip tie and zip tie the pipe down to the frame where there is a brace/crossmember in a perfect place to keep the pipe down and off the header.  

Now I wonder if the zip tie I used will have a heat resistance to 250 F.  It is a big, thick zip tie so I'll keep an eye on it as I have seen my max temp hit 222 on a 90 F degree day this past Sunday.  

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