Best beginner dirt bike?

Hi guys. I am interested in starting dirtbiking. I have cousins and other relatives who dirt bike and I am moving to an area where it is common to do it. I have ridden four wheelers before and enjoy driving high performance go karts. I am about 4 10 and am torn between a yz85 and an xr100 for a first bike. I wanted a xr100 but my cousin suggested a yz85. I will do both trail and eventually track once I build up some skill. I want a bike that I won't grow out of in 3 months. I am open to other suggestions.

If you're new to dirt bikes the XR/crf100 is a far better bike to learn basic riding skills than the YZ. It's also more reliable and will last for decades with only basic maintenance. That means more time riding and less time wrenching.
I'd get the 100, riding it for a year or so, sell it for what you bought it for, and then get an 85. You'll likely be a better rider for it.

I think it comes down to whether your primary activity with be riding at the MX track or riding trails.  If you're primarily riding at the MX track the YZ is the way to go.  If you're primarily riding trails at your height, personally I'd probably looking at something like a CRF150F.  They are bullet proof tanks and with a few simple Honda approved and recommended modifications (Honda jet kit, silencer baffle removal and airborne baffle removal) make decent power.


You could also look at a Kawasaki KX100 or a KTM 85sx for motocross use, or put heavier flywheels on them for trail use.


 Are you an adult, or still growing?

42 minutes ago, motovita said:

 Are you an adult, or still growing?

Still growing(Hopefully).

Im pretty short for my age.

How much do you weigh?

Mx bikes don't make very good beginner bikes , and beginners don't race motocross. I've seen many people try and either get hurt or quit because they were intimidated by the bike and got fustrated. At 4'10" even a small wheel 85 class bike will be big for you, the XR/CRF100 will be a few inches lower and more manageable. You need to learn to walk before you run. Go carts and quad skill don't apply to dirt bikes other than possibly understanding the concept of a manual transmission.

So start with an xr and then move to a quicker bike?

 Get the XR100, or something similar, now. When you want an MX bike you may be ready for a full size bike anyway.

So start with an xr and then move to a quicker bike?

I started when I has 12 on XR100. I rode it for a summer before I made friend's with another kid on a 1984 YZ250. Of course he would just motor right away from me in open fields but I could hold my own in the woods. Riding with a bigger, stronger friend on a bigger, stronger bike forced me to ride harder to keep up. Half way thru the next summer my skills had increased to the point that the suspension was holding me back so I started riding a KX80. Once I got on the 80, my friend lost all advantages he had on his 250 and we were pretty much evenly matched. I rode the KX for another year and half before finally switching to a 125.

Any 80-150cc fourstroke be great for you. Have big wheel ttr125 for my daughter thing has been great.  I ride it more than her and my big bikes lately it seems lol fun to slow down and go slow sometimes.  But ya a xr100 could last you and still be good re sale or keep for pit bike :thumbsup: I've had xr and Dr 100s for bit bikes over the years both were great. They can take a good beating for sure

100-150cc thumper for sure. The XR was my first bike I LOVED it. 

XR hands down. You can't find a more reliable, consistent machine better to learn on. Low maintenance, nice smooth power delivery, and easy to ride.

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