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Chinese 125 Apollo x5 pitbike

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So basically, ever since ive bought this bike brand new its been having a few issues. First off, its likes to bog down when you say "drop the clutch to do a wheelie, of pop the wheel off the ground to get over a rock." But after it, its wont let you give it throttle for 10 seconds and then run like normal. If you give it gas during those 10 seconds, it dies. So what ive done is change the fuel line because it was kinked in some places( it helped a bit, but not the problem.). Also had a problem where it died once from giving it gas, and had to bump start it to get it going. Im thinking its running to lean. Has like 10 hours on it. It is rideable, but this hinders it bad. Will check plug. I will be updating this. but leave me suggestions.

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