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Hi Guys!

I hope I can find someone here who could help me, I've looked everywhere and can't find my problem.

I recently bought a Suzuki rmz250 2017, I've done 13 hours on it on track with stock setup and stock mapping.

My yoshimura rs4 full system just arrived, installed it, everything is awesome about the pipe. The only problem is I am running lean. I installed the rich mapping plug, but the bike is always backfiring as soon as i let go of the throttle. I thought I could buy a power commander or yoshimura efi tuner, but I can't find any company who makes one.

So here I am, racing this weekend, my dealer doesn't know what to do about it, and the last thing I want is to have my bike running lean the whole weekend.


Anyone has had the same issue or know what is going on?


Thank you so much!



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And also, I am running pump gas, but I will be running vp 50/50 so it will make it leaner.. And I don't have any exhaust leak!


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So, you have checked the header crush washer, the mid pipe junction, and the slip on junction for leaks ?


You also need to do a passive re-set of the FI's center point.

Cold motor: start the bike using no throttle and no fast idle knob, and let it idle for 3 min with no throttle.

Once the left radiator has come up to full temp (cannot hold on to it) shut off the motor and re start it . 

That should eliminate your decel popping (not a back fire, that is through the carb....)

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