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KLX150 in North America?

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Did Kaw ever do the KLX150 in North America (Canada or Mex)?

Im just wondering how to get a hold of some parts for that bike to put on mine

Ive checked ebay for 150 parts and not a lot pulls up, I'll keep digging


ALSO, if there were a 150 in Mex or Can, wonder how hard it'd be to import to US and tag it.

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Unfortunately, the KLX 150 road legal versions of the KLX 140 G are only offered in the Far East; Indonesia, possibly Australia, places like that.  

I would really be interested in one, and have discussed this with Kawi reps at bike shows, and even written to their NA headquarters.  No replies so far; I guess they don't care what appeals to me.

That said, I would surf around for Kawasaki sellers from that part of the world, and see if they can supply the special parts you're looking for.  I would guess, apart from a kick starter, you should be able to use aftermarket parts available here in the USA,

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