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Boots: Molded/Injected soles repair

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Hi everyone, I want to share this with all of you.

Nowadays most of the boots on the market have molded/injected polyurethane soles. This kind of boots are great, more comfortable, looks better and toe caps are hidden.

Once you spend $300 to $600 for a nice pair of boots, you don’t know that once your pegs makes a hole in the soles, there is not too much to do about that, other than spend a lot of money again! Of course there are some of them that supposedly could be resoled with a special and pricey insert that almost nobody sells… This was my starting point!

Having a good pair of boots in a pretty good condition (almost new) but with a big hole in the left sole I started to surf the web for a way to solve this… there are a lot of videos that shows different DIY solution but nothing that last enough.

A few days later I started thinking about conveyor belts for the mining industry (we have a lot of them here in Chile) and how they get those fixed when rocks damaged it.

Making a long story short, there is Chilean a company called Fourthane (www.fouthane.cl, with presence in many countries including US) that has a broad line of product for this kind of problems. I gave them a call, great support! We ended using their product called Fourthane Red-Line because of its high resistance to abrasion and impacts. Of course the product is for an industrial application, so their smallest kit is 350grams of fixing material that has to be done in a single preparation, so or you have many boots to fix at once or you will be losing most of it…. But the price of the kit vs new boots, well worth the losing.

The process begin with a deep clean of the surface, then a little grinding in the working area to take out all the lose material, put some tape to avoid leaking the product while it is still fluid, level the boot upside down, then follow the product instructions.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures of the boot before the fix, but here’s how it looks after!

2017-06-15 11.54.06.jpg

2017-06-15 11.53.55.jpg

2017-06-15 11.53.59.jpg

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