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Basic Wiring Question

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Hi, I'm a new KTM owner. 2005 450 EXC with a Baja Designs Enduro kit.

The BD handlebar switch does not just contain lighting controls, it also has a kill switch and an on/off switch for the ignition system. The slider for the on-off switch is missing and as a result its hard to use with gloves on.

I want to add a keyed switch. I'm wondering if I can leave the BD on-off switch in the "on" position and then use a new keyed switch for the on-off function? With the current on-off switch in the "on" position, is there a battery draw? (the lights are controlled by a separate switch). If there is a draw, does turning the key switch to "off" stop the battery draw? I'm pretty sure the kill switch just grounds out the system. I believe that is all the keyed switch does too. I'm just not sure how the on-off switch works. Is it another "kill switch" that just grounds out the system or does it actually open the path for power to flow?

Related Question 1: I attached a picture of the switch. "P" is the "on" position. Any clue what the "H" position is? 

Related Question 2: With a keyed switch installed, can the bike be kick-started without the key? 

These are probably a dumb-a questions for you old hands but I'm a little new to the bike world. 




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