Summer Riding Gloves Suggestions

I have to imagine that this may be somewhere out here already but I'm going to ask anyhow since I've received plenty of good advice and suggestions from previous threads I've created. Now I know that this is mainly a matter of preference but I'd like to see what others are using.


I'm looking for a pair of gloves to use over the warm summer months. The pair I have now are light in weight but my hands burn up. Still looking for adequate protection of course but something that will breath and not make my hands sweat and burn up. The pair I have now are a combo of leather and mesh but HOT as Hell in days like I had today (90s°). Thanks in advance for all your suggestions and if you could also include pictures, even better. Thanks again.







I'm wearing A-Stars GP+ gloves. But, I'm a back roads twisties flier, so no real concern about ventilation in my gloves, only protection if my hands go on the pavement at 80 mph. It's a compromise thing, you can have total protection and lack total comfort, or total comfort and lack total protection.

Which  do you value more, your hands, or your comfort?

The obvious answer is the hands but that's why I'm trying to see what's out there. Figured there would be some chance that I would have to compromise one thing or the other. Thanks for the input.

I'm running alias gloves right now and am pleased with them. They're pretty light and thin, I don't noticed my hands getting hot.

Check out super motard style gloves, leather palms are a must for street use for abrasion resistance. Clarino palm is very comfy, used in most mx gloves but will burn thru as soon as they hit the road.

I like the RS Taichi Raptor Mesh Glove. Getting up to 110F today, but I got my ride in before the sun rose.

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