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FCR-MX 39mm oring mod without removal?

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Hey guys, I have a fcr-mx from the previous owner that bogs on quick throttle opening. I think it needs the oring or wire mod done to solve this as jetting hasnt changed the issue. I dont have the time to take the carb off the bike right now as its also my daily driver and because it seems like a huge pain. I notice the stupid black cover still on the carb like in the picture I posted. Does anyone know if its just one screw on the front face(near the top) of the black cover to remove it? If so I think I should be able to take it off with just removing the gas tank and then from there I should be able to carefully slip an oring on or wire. I know its tight but someone mentioned on a popular FCR forum that it could be done with it still on the bike. Anyone else done the mod with the carb still installed? 


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11 minutes ago, S.O.A.N.Z said:

yep that one screw and you can do it while its still on the bike

Perfect, Thank you. 

That was the forum I was talking about. I just didnt know if they meant you could do it, even when that cover was still on there. Every tutorial has the carb off the bike, I have never seen anyone do it with it still on. This will make things a lot easier for me. 


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