2000 XR 650 R VS. 2002 YAMAHA WR 426 F

The XR has 590 miles, lots of extras: uncorked kit, k&n air filter,

new bars, new tires, baja kit, lowered gears, many others too

numerous to list. Serviced after every weekend ride.

The WR was only riden a hand full of times, showroom clean, this

bike is stock.

I plan on riding back and forth to work and on dirt trails of

eastern Montana and maybe up in the mountains. Is the XR too big

for this style of riding?

The WR is $700 more.



They both sound like great bikes. I ride a 2000 XR650R and my brother and nephew ride WR400's. We have switched bikes on rides and here is what I have noticed:

The WR's are lighter and easier to jump, take on the whoops better.

The XR has a lower center of gravity and is easier to ride in my opinion, less tippy.

I opted for the XR because I am 230 lbs. and the bigger bike fits me better.

Both the WR and XR's are great bikes. I would suggest riding them both and seeing which one you like better. You can't go wrong with either one. :)


I agree with redman. I stand in at 215 lbs 6 ft. I've rode the WR400 and it's awesome on jumps and tight woods riding

BUT if you're going to ride on the road any at all, I would stick with the XR650R. The XR rides about 90% as good as the WR in the woods and about 150% better than the WR on the road. Good Luck.

The XR is perfect for what you want.

The Yamie will be at its limit on Montana roads getting to the trialhead...the XR will pass any truck, then get ya out into the hills--reliably!

It handles off road better than you think.

I happen to own both bikes and like riding each of them. If you plan on putting on a lot of street miles then the 650 is the better choice. I geared my 426 so it was'nt quite as buzzy on the street but at a sacrifice to the really slow speed trail stuff. The weight difference between the 2 is noticeable but whatever bike you ride for a while you just get use to it. I'm about 6', 165lbs and don't have a problem moving the Honda around on the tight stuff. Where the 650 gives up in weight, it makes up for in low end grunt. I tend to ride the 650 more for the main reason that it's more comfortable for the long trips I tend to go on. You can't go wrong with either bike, they're both a blast to ride.

Just got home with the 650, thanks for the help. Will list what the bike has when I figure out all the extra stuff in the boxes, this bike is sweet, clean and set up to run. :)

You will have fun with this bike. :)

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