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2002 yz125 not starting

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What's up fellas, I got a 2002 yz 125 was at the track going out for practice and started it up tried clearing it out wouldn't clear out. Then died wouldn't start up again. First thought we'll shit blew up the top end. Got it home. Tried starting it again and it fired up. So i thought what the hell mabye the carb is gummed up. Cleaned it and replaced the plug witch also had premix seeping out of the hole when I pulled it. It's getting gas compression is 160psi (that's why I'm sure it's not the piston or rings wouldn't it read really low ?) it's getting spark also.( good spark) but I did pull the reed cage and the top reed, bottom left corner was slightly frayed. again slightly! I don't think it could be causing my problem. Could be wrong tho if I am I'll go buy some reeds. But I was thinking could power valve be stuck open ? Didn't get this far yet. Any input is appreciated!!

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