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Yz60 suddenly lost compression

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I got my little 1983 yz60 running. I went to take it for a Ride and realized my clutch cable was way to tightened. So I killed the engine, adjusted the clutch, and now it has no compression!! I just installed new head gasket before it lost compression. When I did I lubricated the cylinder walls with 2T oil. I was told this bike sat for quite some time. So I had it running on 25:1. After it lost compression I removed the spark plug to find a beige colored watery liquid in the engine. I removed the pipe and some more came out. What would have caused this.



New parts:


Ignition coil

Head gasket

NGK spark plug

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Drain the gearbox lube, if the liquid is the same you'll have the answer. (water / moisture in gearbox)

perhaps migrated thru a worn right hand crank seal.


If the gear lube doesn't look watery, then moisture / water just in the crankcase side.


Bike stored outside? (out in the rain, no carb on engine etc.)

Pressure washed forcing water past worn seals / gaskets / intake boot etc.

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