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06 cr250 coolant leak

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Eh guys. 

Just did a full engine rebuild and I've done one heat cycle. 

Im leaking coolant from the Allen screw bolts above my exhaust outlet.  I've replaced the o rings that are on the inside of that exhaust/power valve piece. 

Im wondering if I either didn't seal it right with the gasket maker, or if those Allen head screws aren't done right? 

I had the cylinder replated. And it came back disassembled. I didn't do anything special to assemble those screws, just some blue thread locker. 


Thanks for the help. 

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Perhaps one of the orings got dislodged during assembly? Obviously it has to come apart. What did you use as a gasket maker? I'd take it apart, try to identify where the coolant is coming from and reassemble carefully. A thin bead of black RTV would probably be my option if everything looks correct. And not sure you needed blue loctite on those bolts...did the manual call for it? 

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