Revloc clutch

Has anyone heard of a revloc clutch? If so, let me know your thoughts. I'm new to this forum and am excited about getting info on my new YZ 426 that isn't tainted with a "let me sell you something Mr." agenda.

have only read about the clutch but it sounds pretty good to me. I shift w/out cluthc really allready, but in the woods I think it would be GREAT!

Motocross Action (I think) just did an article on the 24 hours of glen hellen. DIck Burleson had a 520 with the revlock. THey talked about it quite a bit. You might want to check there.

Recent issue of Dirt Bike has article on Rev-Lock. Set up is on Chuxk Sun's Husaberg!

I came over to read about the new carb velocity stack thing and saw this post.

I've had a revloc clutch for about a month now and I personally think it's the best accessory I've ever put on a motorcycle. It really shines in slow technical sections where the tall first gear of an MX bike works against you. But it has lots of other advantages too.

The only negative I've been able to come up with (besides the cost, $1K) is sliding your bike down a very steep hill. With a clutch, you can kill the engine, let out the clutch and you get a sort of built-in parking brake. The revloc can't do this. I'm in the process of hooking up a rear brake perch where my clutch lever used to be so that shouldn't be an issue.

Go over to the CRF or the KTM forums and do a search on revloc. Lots of good discussion.

Why on earth would you need a brake perch for the rear on the handle bars? Ive seen one, a brake, for the rear I believe, on the uhhhh right side....uhh near uhhh the the FOOTPEG! Ya thats it, its by the foot peg! The picture I see of a guy that needs a rear hand brake is a guy that has both feet down! If this is so, this is something you should never ever speak of! Both feet off the pegs......what would your mother think!

I can see the use of the revlock though. I can really see the advantage out of slow corners, and the revloc would end all the hulla ba lou over the compression braking too.

I think I'll have better control over a left-hand rear brake then a right hand foot brake. For me, it's hard to get the foot brake adjusted to a point where I can use it effectively both standing and sitting. Again, for me, I don't have as much trouble using my front brake in the standing vs sitting position. Most people complain about my levers when they ride my bike because I like my levers down pretty far. I'm also 6'4".

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