Turning help??

So as my title suggests, I need help on cornering. Not necessarily normal cornering, but having a tall jump going into a pretty tight turn. At my local track there's this pretty decent jump about 10 feet tall and has a 5-6 foot long table section with a steep landing, and a nasty left hand sand turn immediately after. First couple times hitting the jump I managed to clear it perfectly, but each time I would "run off" the track because I couldn't slow down quick enough for the turn. Do any of you have tips on tackling sharp corners out of a steep jump? Thanks
Also if anyone has tips on how to build up speed quick for shorter straights, long tables, or jumping right out of a tight turn please let me know. I've been playing with braking right at the beginning of a turn and feathering the clutch throughout the turn, but still can't seem to build up enough speed quickly to tackle a long table. I'm pretty much a beginner on track riding so positive criticism is greatly appreciated. Thanks again!

Edit: riding a KX 250 smoker. I'm about 190 lbs and 6' 1" if this info is useful

Simple, case the landing. It's a little-known secret that all the pros do in Supercross.

Yes little case and lots of brake.  I bet you don't use enough front brake.  Squeeze that lever to the bar that's what you have to do with them front brakes I remember lol get set up and ready before you land. You just know after awhile and do things instictly keep practicing 

From your post I'm picturing you going over the jump standing up on the pegs and landing standing up as well. If a rider were able to go off the jump sitting down and on the gas slightly more than normal they'd get a little pop from the rear suspension and can use it like a pogo stick. Practice and learn how to feather the throttle and get the bike to set up at a comfortable angle nose down on smaller jumps. From a seated take off position you will get more pop if you're further back and less if you're further forward. If you squeeze the bike with your legs at the beginning, pulling yourself forward with your arms will set you up nicely with your weight over the front wheel for landing. Sometimes you will even see guys putting their leg out for the turn while they are still in the air but seated and set up perfectly. Instead of braking harder, by being prepared for the corner earlier you can carry more speed and momentum into the sand. Don't forget to really weight the outside peg and handle bar extra heavy. The fast guys probably have their butts about an inch off the seat going into the turn and all their weight on their outside leg and arm unless it's deep sand. If it's deep they kind of really ride the back wheel under a lot of power like a unicycle.

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