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I know there's gobs of threads out there along these lines, just hoping to narrow this down some & dig less. I live at 7,500 ft and for the most part do not ride any lower. 

Can't get carb dialed in. Ran it hot, ran it lean, ran it rich, I finally get it where it feels right & will get riding for about 10-15 mins and it cuts outs, engine dies on descent. After it dies the MF'er wont kick over for at least 20 mins. Gone back and forth all over with the idle get same result. I think my issues are from the hot start adjustment.

Can someone with some carb experience on these 4strokes just tell me about what should be the right adjustments (turns out), at high daltitude:

- fuel/air mixture knob (bottom of carb)

- idle adjustment 

- hot start adjustment 

- Is the knob adjustment for the hot start (where it goes into the carb) & the cable adjustment (cable adjustment for hot start up by perch) the same adjustment? 

I get truly dialing it in takes going off RPM's, I am just trying to figure and know I am in the right ballpark so I can rule shit out. Input is much appreciated have been grounded for 3 weekends in a row now &%$#@!ing with bike. About to go mess with it a little more and if I don't get anywhere will get a picture of the plug up. 




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If it was me id buy a JD jetting kit and be done with it. It comes with a custom high altitude needle i believe

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