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Drz400 starting issue

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Bike stalled during braking. Seemed weak(headlight was dim) trying to restart it. So gassed it to get it going. It started and then stalled again a mile later. Replaced battery, cleaned carb and gas tank, stator seems good(voltage charging battery). Spark at plug. Compression test 128psi.   Problem is it sounds fine while starting on idle but wont start.  A lil throttle help to start it but it sounds bad and stalls When throttle released.  Doesnt really sound bad at motot but at exhaust(from what i can hear).  2015 drz400s. All stock except fmf exhaust 10500miles.  Regularyly maintained at dealer.  Last service was 7500 miles.   Assuming valves or timing but cant check those for another week 

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