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Forks and Clicks and Adjustment

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So I finally got my manual..it was the same as the manual I downloaded..anyway lesson learned.


So I was learning my fork adjustment and was just curious what you guys typically run for damping and compression settings when on terrain with some jumps/water bars and pretty hard pack to gravel roads to mud so kind of an all around terrain type. Right now, on my 05 RMZ 450 the shocks have 3 wt oil and I am not sure but stiffer springs since the guy I got it from was my size, about 205-210 lbs. His settings for compression were like 7 clicks out if I recall and damping or bottom of fork adjustment was 8? Should have wrote it down. So I dialed them all shut and adjusted damping first at 10 clicks out and 7 clicks out on compression. I know suspension settings can be all over the place for certain terrain but if you would be so kind to give any insight on this for me I would be very greatful. Also, what terrain and what settings are some of you guys running as far as click adjustment?

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