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Which boots have steel shank?

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I've read as many posts as I can on the subject of trials boots. I've even responded to a few also. I'd like to know which trials boots have a steel  shank in the sole as my arches have become very sensitive since I started riding a trials bike. I did purchase the Gaerne pro tech boots and find them very comfortable but offer minimal arch support. I'm sure losing 20lb would help my problem but we know that ain't gonna happen. I may look into getting steel inserts for the Gaerne's to see if that helps also.

In my misery I bought  an inexpensive pair of Oniel Rider boots to wear since they have a steel shank in them and I wanted a pair of MX boots anyway. Kick starting any of my bikes is now a painless procedure. I had actually injured my foot about a year ago trying to start my xr400 when it was cold out wearing improper shoes. Yeah dumb move I knew better. 

Thanks in advance Z

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Tech T:excuseme:

Upper constructed from a combination of full grain leather and innovative microfiber for durability and abrasion resistance

Leather shift pad for abrasion resistance and structural protection

Polymer insole with integrated steel shank reinforcement for structure and support to the arch area

Double density TPU ankle protector disks are layered under the upper and backed by poly-foam padding

Ergonomically contoured shin-plate is injected with high modulus TPU for a high level impact and abrasion resistance

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