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Ktm 250 sx or exc

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Hey guys so looking at getting aye new bike this week and can't decide between the ktm 250sx or 250 exc or 300 exc. 

and no local dealer sell the xc 

so guys I and looking at  getting one of the 2017 kAto and mostly likely 2 stroke

so I ride enduro a lot but have a motocross track at home and do club days and go to some tracks but love my bush and trail riding. People are telling me that the exc will be shit for a little bit of motocross but I'm not to keen on the air forks on the sx but can get used to them and would love electric start 

please guys help




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If you 90+% enduro and less than 10% motocross I'd get the EXC.. The only way I'd get the SX is if you were doing more the 50% motocross and you were competing in actual races and not just riding open practices.  

If if you get the SX you'll have a smaller fuel tank, suspension that isn't great for soaking up the trail trash like roots and rocks, a 5 speed gearbox that is pretty tall at the low end and pretty short at the top end, no radiator fan (the EXC either comes with one or a drop in unit is available right from KTM), stiff 19" tires that aren't designed to conform to rocks, roots, etc...  If you try to solve those issues to make it a better enduro bike you'll just be making it a worse MX bike anyway.

if you are close to 50/50 enduro/MX the it's a real conundrum.  I'd probably still get the EXC and maybe save up for a used YZ250 for the track.



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Two TOTALLY different bikes. The SX is a power house and the XCW is a tamed down trail bike with overly soft suspension.

I personally do not like the wide ratio trans.The SX trans with 14-48 to 14-50 gearing works great offroad and at the track, plenty of legs with 14-48 to chase down 450s in the desert and 14-50 works great in the woods.  

No need for a fan on a 250 2t. 

19" tires handle better, never have I found them as a draw back in the woods.

IMS has a large tank for the 17, which looks, fits and feels great. 

The EXC will need fork springs before you even consider trying at a track.

Might be helpful to know what bike your coming off of? 

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