Another oil consumption thread

I have a 2007 Yamaha YZ450F, as far as I know it's never been rebuilt or anything, but it's never been raced. When I got it, it had the original white anniversary edition plastics and stickers. I decided to do an oil change after realizing the oil level was low when I got it, and now I have less than 6 hours on the oil and it's not even hitting the dipstick. That seems a little excessive if you ask me, but there is no smoke or leaks coming from the bike at all. The compression is still there also. I have no problem rebuilding it, I just don't want to rebuild it if it doesn't need it. I just don't understand where the oil is going.

Route the hoses to a catch can. See if it's blowing it out.

Route the hoses to a catch can. See if it's blowing it out.

Okay will do I'll try it when the rain stops.

You said hoses, I only see one hose and it's the main one coming from the head.

Cancel that, just decided I would drain it and it had to much in it, about 7 oz to much. Plus the 16 oz I added thinking it was low. So now I need to know why it wasn't hitting the dip stick.

I will note that when I was draining it none came from the left side until I took the dipstick out. I took the fill cap off drained the right and went to drain the left and it was barely coming out till I pulled the dip stick out. Maybe a passage is stopped up, maybe nothing is wrong I just over filled it I have no idea. Next time am not gonna trust the bottle saying how much it is. I will measure it out.

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