dirty fork oil

2017 300RR, just rolled 400km and 27hours (all of it is rooty single track type stuff). My fork seals started leaking two rides ago. I've attempted to clean the seals twice now and haven't had much success. Today I took my third crack at cleaning them. This time I used the Motion Pro seal saver tool. It seemed like a lot of oil leaked out while I was cleaning...but no problem, kinda makes sense. My issue/concern is the dark grey fork oil that oozed out. The calliper side was OK, but the other side was dirty oil and grey. Something is wearing...I'm guessing a bushing?? Anybody else find this?

The front wheel has been installed correctly and the clamps are torqued to spec.


I dont have any firsthand knowledge but this sounds like a common issue on the 2017

Was reading about it on the Beta riders forum. 

Dirty oil is an overblown issue, most brands have a similar look to the oil when drained. That being said, it appears Beta has made a change related to this issue in the future:

"Fork with a new slider: though also lighter in weight, this was developed to increase rigidity and reduce friction. Settings have been specifically calibrated to suit the demands of the new chassis."

I had some sand get stuck in my seals and I couldn't clean it, disassembled and cleaned and the same seals are going strong. It can be a DIY job if you are up to it.

Forks were / are probably misaligned and wearing out the bushings. The gray stuff is teflon from the bushings wearing off, relatively normal after a certain amount of use, however if the forks aren't aligned right you could be wearing them out prematurely. Just follow any one of the fork alignment methods out there.

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