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Klx electrical woes after bottom end flooded with gas

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 My 2004 klx 125 flooded the bottom and with gas so I went and rebuilt the petcock and  carburetor with new float assembly etc. when I put it back together and tried to drive it sometimes the bike would have fire and sometimes it would not. When it would fire and run after a minute it started to choke out and die like something with erratic spark.  If the RPMs were kept high enough it will still run but very badly and I attribute that due to the amount of rotations being a enough to keep the engine running even though it is skipping some timing spark. Sometimes even cold it has no fire. When it does it runs like a brand new bike. It decides this completely at random and is definitely spark related, it backfires occasionally. All adjustments are setup properly. Something is failing.  After the crankcase was flooded with gas and it ran for a little while before I noticed it coming out the crankcase vent tube into the airbox ......a mixture of gas and Oil until the entire bottom end was full.  My question is whether or not running gas through the oil could have shorted the stator or pick up??  I know it's more likely that it overheated from lack of lubrication and one of the components were too hot, but what's the chances of it shorting out? I figure it's not a CDI since it comes and goes and a CDI will basically die and never come back.  I'm trying to figure out what it is because it's an intermittent problem and it's making it harder to troubleshoot.  When I have spark everything is correct when I do not have spark sometimes I get a good reading from everything and sometimes I don't get a reading at all 

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