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Howdy Kids. I have to watch it here because the moderator guy wrote me and told me to stay off pretty much. The website is and it should only be a few more days. It is a billet replacement for the stock one and the long ball end allen wrench for quick exchange is included. A 10 minute job. Russian women. Had 2 of them. One was my fiancee I met in France. Totally hot and 19. I'd watch guys drool as we walked down the street. Then she says, i want to get fat and not work and have 8 kids. By the way, the Mercedes you bought me is no good. I want a little red sports car. I thought "hell, I can find this in America and I don't have to pay to get them there." End of that one. The other, well, a 30 year old version of the first one, but since she also lived in Az, I didn't have to kick her as far.

sirthumpalot, it's a little more involved than just more power. Think of a John Deere gasoline tractor. Tractors have small bore carbs for higher velocity air flow(not more air mass) across the venturi. The end result is excellent torque and power at relatively low and steady RPM's. The Power Now is meant to duplicate this benefit by using a plate to make a smaller bore at lower throttle settings. Once the slide begins to clear the plate, the restriction is removed and higher air mass is allowed in for top end power.

Hey dave, Ive got some news for ya, all 19 y/o girls are like that! Maybe not the get fat and have 8 kids, but that may have been a strong point you over looked.


Sorry to hear about your Russian experience. The reason I was asking was genuine. I've met a couple here and there, but I feel they are hard to read... you know...are they full of it or not?

Anyhow, on that note, I think I will buy the power-now for my 250F.


Just thought you guys would like to know is now online,I did

not see any pics or descriptions yet.

I ain't had a chance to use the Power Now device but I have installed one of the vortex generators and fuel line magnetizers easily found in Popler Mekaniks. My mileage increased dramaticly (three weekends on a tank), had to drop 3 teefus off the rear sprokit, and my bike now "satisfies" me while riding it.

I'm tradin' in my next food stamp voucher book for one' them PowerNow devices. To hell with Wrooster and his 50yr old friend Bernooly, they don't know nuthin.

Tryed the web sight and it wouldn't finish the order,tryed the e-mail and nothing,whats going on?

I would realy like to get one but how do I do it?

Heya far as that camera shutter type deal you were talking about Kawasaki used it back in the late 70's, it was called a rotary valve, I had a 100cc engine stuffed into a 70cc bike frame, which was factory prepped by Kawasaki (a huge deal at the time) that I raced short track at the Monterey County Fairgrounds in northern California when I was 15 and 16 years old, it was a thing of beauty at the time and I remember hammering guys on 125 and 250 Elsinores (remember those?)Anyway it was a round flywheel like disc with a small opening in it that matched the bore of the carb, everytime the holes lined up air would flow through the carb etc..etc.., stock they were ok but mine was sent to Japan and tweaked by the masters and it was huge. Cant wait till fuel injection is mastered on 4 stroke singles, then jetting will be a thing of the past right?


*********Kevin WSMC #8**********

Good to see you here! you are at the track today while i am at home nursing 11 broken ribs, a fractured forearm, 2 fractured vertibra in my back and a broken shoulderblade from a nasty highside in April.....oh did i mention I punctured my right lung in 7 places as well?

E.C.U. is nurses,people in agony screaming through the night while I was trying to enjoy my medication...everyone should try this! :)

Dauv McNeely WSMC #69

Come on Kevin - Look!

Hey guys, how many of you spend hundreds on fancy graphics, or anodized billet gas caps, or billet lever perches, or a million other gizmos that make your bike heavier and your wallet lighter.

Just try the damn thing for $60.00 or wait until more people report on them. I have one on my CRF and it works. See the CRF forum for a lengthy post.

I also give a link to another similar product that uses two flow divider plates.

This is like the Revloc clutch,it seems too good to be true so no one believes it, and Like the revloc (I have that too) you can't find a post from anyone who tried it that doesn't like it. The big difference is, this product is so cheap you can't afford not to try it.

Take a gamble and return it or post a nasty report if not satisfied. He posted his guarantee in writing for all to see

The Power Now makes a real difference! Its easy, cheap, and has no apparent side effects. Just slap it on and grin.

Don't post questions for me here and expect a reply because I'm just passing through. See the CRF forum.

I know it is really strange but, I can afford not to spend $60. I know, I know - I am an oddball :)

But seriously, dividers are nothing new to carb manufacturors. Plenum dividers have been around decades. Why then, wouldn't they take this approach? Maybe because there are tradeoffs? I'll wait until many more people than 1 or 2 say it is worth it. Just as many have said that it hasn't worked so far...

Hey Dave, I have a '01 426 with too many mods to list. It's a hand full for ANY rider. It doesn't bog and the throttle response is second to none. The bike absolutely RIPS!! My question is, will the "Power Now" mod effect the already installed "BK Mod" on my carb? Do they work together? If so, what more should I expect out of my already flawless running machine? Do you think a bike that runs like mine will benefit from it?

Thanks and sorry for all the questions. I'm game for anything until the new '03 YZF450 comes out!!


There are many things wrong with this thread that need to be clarified before any of you spend your money on what may be a worthless product.

First and most important, you cannot create additional energy from a static device. This is why things like turbos and blowers are powered by external sources.

So, without such a device there is no positive air pressure on the backside of a carb in which you can take advantage of.

Next is the issue of turbulence.

Air moves beneath a carb slide when it is demanded by the vacuum that is present on the other side, and a stream of air moves beneath the carb slide only when it is requested. Turbulence in this area cannot be generated unless something forces back on the movement of the air generated by the vacuum.

So if this product works, it can only work by straightening the direction in which the air molecules are traveling, assuming they are bouncing into each other after they have traveled down the air filter and snorkel.

Not likely.

The other thing that concerns me is the manner in which this device is being sold. No pictures, and no evidence, and the occasional user that swears by it that none of us really know.

I'm not saying it's not valid, but before you spend $70 on something, expect something more than good writing manners and scientific fluff.

DAVESIMON - I would appreciate it if you would discontinue your postings unless you wish to discuss science over profits, or at least until you have a complete business model, (something other than an order form).


Come on DaveJ. There are several of us here that are interested in this product. You don't seem to buy it, so don't BUY it. I am sure you are just trying to help us save our hard earned $70, but i think we are old enough to decide that for ourselves. Don't ask people to leave the forum just because you disagree with his reasoning.


DaveJ, I have to disagree. And I do respect all of those who have stepped up to tackle the theory behind this thing to discover its merits and or shortcomings.

How many times have people bought a pipe because someone else said "it rocks" and didn't even bother to carefully study the picture of it in the catalog or web page? How many people have bought steering stabilizers and may be able to ride just as well without them? I spent $500 dollars on a GPS so I don't get lost in the woods for pete's sake (plus I have bought a pipe and steering stabilizer). Gotta spend my money on something.

At $70 bucks, there is not a lot at stake here (I went ahead and ordered one). If it's fluff, then I just payed my money to find out for myself. Heck, I could get two of these for what a decent pair of riding pants costs. I've yet to hear from someone who has purchased one and has recommended against it. What's the big deal? :)

I had to jump to the yz forumn cause I heard about all the posts. Wow youguys are rough. I have a lot of interest in the power now so I searched all the posts on the crf forum. I did not see any posts where Dave S. was pushing his product. I saw posts where he was answering questions that TT'ers had asked. I dont like wasting money either so I made my own. I dont even have a degree in physics but I made it in less time than it took for the Boeng rocket scientists to write thier posts. Any of you guys running a power bomb header? If you take all that velocity cooling jumbo with a grain of salt why not give this the benefit of the doubt.

Exactly WHAT was clarified?

It's all good. This query into the "how"

behind this "revolutionary" product will simply bring out evidence that it's the real deal, or make the snake oil saleman (if it applies) pack his bags. I too would love to plunk down 70 beans for more bottom end, but I remain a sceptic as long as there is no empirical evaluation of the benefits (not "it rocks" fluff). I'm willing to wait for more details in the form of photographs, testimony from pros using it, and heck, maybe dyno charts.

Show me the dyno! :)

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