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What dual sport for my wife?

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So my wife is only 5'2'' and she wants a bike but not real sure what will fit her perfect. This will be her first bike so I dont want something too crazy but nothing just so slow she doesnt like riding it. She will mostly be riding dirt roads with gravel/big rocks/sand and pavement between them. Her and I have discussed maybe dual sporting a 150 dirt bike but not real sure how well that would work. Trying to stay towards something street legal just cause I dont like loading and unloading bikes in the back of my truck lol. Any input would be very helpful thankyou

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I built my girlfriend (5'6" 120lbs) a 2012 KLX140L Dual Sport.

The KLX140L had a seat height that allows her to flat foot everything as she builds skills and confidence. It was the lightest bike I found at 212 pounds. It has an electric start.

I added a Dual Sport Kit from Rocky Mountain ATC/MC, Headlight, Skid Plate, and hand guards, and a Trail Tech Speedometer. I went as far as getting a Connecticut Title and Registration by throwing on a set a $50 set of Shinko Dual Sport Tires and getting it inspected.

She Loves It! It fits her perfectly, she can stop it from falling if she get off balance and stand it up by herself if she tips overs.

We bought the bike used for $2000, I have about $400 in parts and 1 full day of building and a trip to the DMV.

The "L" model has a 19" front Wheel and a 16" rear wheel, the stock "L" shock is fully adjustable. The front end can be swapped for a KX 100 front end if she gets to the point where she can outride the stock suspension.

I also added a Uni air filter and richened up the jetting.

We go for rides in Pachaug Forest and mix up dirt roads, woods roads and single track. She will paddle her way through the rocky sections and just shakes her head yes or no at anything we come across that looks gnarly.

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