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2005 TTR230 Fires up then dies

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Ok, new to me TTR230, was working fine when I got it and has a fresh battery.  Then I did the following mods, and I can't get it to start back up again.

  • 14-tooth front sprocket (doubt this is contributing)
  • #130 main (stock #125)
  • #38 pilot (stock #35)
  • Fuel screw 2 turns out (stock 2.5 turns out)
  • Removed intake snorkel
  • Remove exhaust baffle
  • Inspected spark plug
  • Added Battery Tender cable
  • Adjusted intake valve to spec

Now, it won't start at all if the chokes off.  If the choke is on, the bike will fire and run for a second and die.  If I give it more gas, it dies sooner.  If I hold the starter down, it will last a little longer before dying.

I've pulled the carb out and re-inspected everything - everything looks good to me.  Any ideas?

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The brand new pilot jet was clogged.  I've flushed out the bad gas in the tank and in the float bowl and added an inline filter, but now the carb is overflowing.  Ugh, looks like I'll be cleaning it out again.

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