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Hard cold starting, revs breaking up cold

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Hi,  now the weather in Australia is a bit colder my 03 CR250 takes about 30 kicks to start when cold in the morning. I thought it may need a bigger pilot jet.

 But when I get it started and ride it around for the first few minutes it runs what seems to be rich, revs all breaking up and won't rev cleanly. It's fine after the engine warms up but.  (Is this normal) and how should I fix the hard cold starting.

starts hot first kick, fresh top end and jets are stock.



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Sounds more carburetor related to me.  Just for grins I would check and see how far out the air screw is and turn it in about half way from that the next time you want to start it cold and see if it helps.  Clean carburetors with properly set floats are the key beginnings to any jetting swaps.   If the air screw makes a favorable difference you know which way to look on your existing jetting though.

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