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KMX 125 not starting

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Hello,i`m new here,and have a problem with a kawsaki kmx 125 98`.

Kmx125 was runing ok,always started at first/2nd kick,no problems at all,after ride next day washed with a pressure washer,tried to start,not starting.No worry maybe somewhere water,week later still not starting.

Checked spark,ok,(https://goo.gl/photos/fVjqA7yL6wtFYP7N8)tried antoher spark plug,ignition coil,still the same.Carb is clean.Spark plug is wet.Sometimes when kicking i get sound like it is misfiiring.And thats all.I don`t know what to check.CDI not easy to check and be sure that it is ok...

I think that cdi ok,because i get normal spark...just maybe not in time?That could be a problem...

Will wait for ideas before tryning to dissasemle cdi unit and try to repair it`s not very high tech unit according to schematics...



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ok checked air filter clean,checked reed valve-ok,chechked pickup coil reisitance ok,not short or infinity,all conections are ok,discconected alternator.Everything the same spark is ok...sometimes missfires...

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