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WP 4054 ID?

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I need some help identifying an old Husky front end I've had floating around in the shed for the last year or so.
WP 4054 forks, Brembo brake and master, 240-ish mm long 25mm stem. Fork caps have "510TE90A" stamped into them, big red clicker knob up the top, flathead screw adjusters in the axle blocks.
Wheel is an XR hub of some description laced to an Excel wheel with custom spacers, so it's not going to be any help.
The guy I bought it off had it on an IT465, he told me they came off an '89 TE510 but every picture I've seen of one seems to suggest they had Marzocchi conventionals. Next best guess was a '90 based on the fork cap stamping, but the lack of an elephant cast into the triples anywhere throws shade on that.

I need to know what it's off so I can get the parts to rebuild the forks, the only KTMsqvarnaberg shop anywhere near here reckons he can get it all but won't order anything without knowing what bike the parts are for...









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