advice on purchase 1994 XR650L

i live in tampa the bike is daytona. it is a 1994 XR650L with 5400 miles. there asking $2700.00 for the bike. the bike seems like it's in great condition (from the pictures i have seen). this bike has no aftermarket add ons. i guess it's basicly stock.

I've owned several thumpers. I just want some advice of what to look for (possible problems) with the bike. other than routine maint. brakes, rubber, hoses, etc. i don't wanna get burned.

any advice or insight would be great.

thank you


Mine was used and this is what I did before I bought it.

First & foremost, test ride the beast in as many different conditions, gears and speeds as possible. Ask for maintenance records, too. You'd be surprised how many people don't ask. If there aren't any, ask where they had the bike serviced.

-Listen for any loud clacks, ticks or straining.

-Check the frame & welds for bends, dents or cracks.

-Pull off the side cover panels (easy) and check the air filter box & boot and battery compartment for cracks, damage or funky repairs.

-Check the chain tension: too tight could mean bigger problems.

-Look at the underside of the case for oil leaks, residue or gouges.

-Check the (4) swing arm zerks. Should be some grease around all the swing arm pivots, too.

-Bounce on the seat to compress the rear shock & linkages. There shouldn't be any loud noises. Maybe a light squeak, but that's about it. Look at the adujster shock spring nuts and see if there mangled, too.

-Compress the front forks and listen for any clunking or thuds. Shouldn't be any.

If its (still) all stock and with low miles, I wouldn't be too concerned about anything if the test ride checks out. Hesitation and popping is normal for the stock engine. The gearing is also very tall for this bike so don't be afraid to wind it out. These bikes are pretty-much bullet proof. You really have to be an idiot to hurt 'em.

Don't be afraid to offer a lower price and work up. Good luck! :)

I bought my '99 with 1200 miles on it. $3300.00. Sounds like they could come down a bit. Have you looked @ NADA. I think mine books for 27 now.

My '94 has 9000 miles on it. Many were off road. I have been fairly consitent with my maintenence regimen but I have rode the crap out of mine. I can honestly say in the ten years I have owned my bike(since new) I have only replaced regular wear items, tires, brakes, chain etc. The other things I have had to replace usually involved me riding past my ability :lol:I have seen entries about these bikes going upwards of 25,000 miles. IF the oil was changed, the air filter cleaned/changed and bearings periodicly greased the bike just runs. Happy trails!

I bought the bike. It was very very clean. It looks hardly broken-in. I talked the owner down to $2250.00 I'm pretty happy.

Now for the Mods. I have read this site for a while now. I have several ghood ideas. Insight on Mods. would be great. I know search the threads for my topic.

I wanted to thank everyone her for the in put on the threads. Man what I great places for information.


Oil ! Oil ! Oil ! If you want your motor to last change your oil often.I change mine every 250 miles(filter every 750).And by an oil temp. gauge these things run hot under certain conditions.If oil temp excedes 300 degrees,change it asap. :)

I think Baja Designs makes and sell an oil temp dipstick. Does anyone know if this so? What brand and weight oil do you guys recommend?

XRS Only makes a temp dipstick, it works fine. About $35

Atta Kid. And you didn't pay as much, either. Now comes the fun part. Moddin' the crap out of it to make it run even stronger.

Take your time. I've had my 98 for 8 months now and I'm still not done.

Went to BD's today (live in So Cal) and picked some replacement footpegs (since I bent the stock ones on Sat). Got the Thumper Racing "Burly" pegs. I swear they look like they're made out of 3/16" thick steel. Can't wait to get home and throw those bad boys on. Should be a "big" improvement over the stock twigs.

I'm running the XR'S Only tempgauge/dipstick.I think it was just under $50 with tax/shipping.It's worked flawless so far.DualDog ,i'm running the IMS pro-series pegs(they are great)but i recommend an aftermarket shifter(IMS,MSR)also.The stock unit is pretty flexy and the stiffer aft,mrkt units provide a more positive shift and resist bending.($20-25). :)

Thanks for the tip. Just when I thought I was done changing things out...Always something else to do.

But you're right about that. I've already rotated the stock lever up one notch on the splines so I could at least get the toe of my boot under the lever so I could upshift! But by doing that I had to notch the cs sprocket cover to eliminate the shift lever interference that created. One thing leads to another... :)

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