Thumper Talk members' gallery.

Hello Thumper Talk members.

My site was originally created to host pictures for the Suzuki forum but i have created an album for all Thumper Talk members.

The area is divided into brands and you can upload into your brands album no matter what model you own.

You can delete and re-post a picture anytime you alter your bike or change brands.

All i ask is that you only submit 1 photo (the best pic of your bike) as there are so many members.

You can also link from the site to messages at Thumper Talk or to your signature like i have.(Run your mouse over my signature)

I would really like you to participate but you don't have to. I just thought it would be fun to look at pictures of other Thumper Talk members' bikes.

Click here to access the gallery


Mike. :)

There is actually a picture page on thumper talk:

YZ426 Picture Page

Unfortunately I cannot figure out how to get a picture in there. Anyone have any ideas???

Originally posted by THUMPIN' ROCK HUCKER:

How do you get in?

I signed in with my email and pw but would not let me add pic.

here is the pic addr if you could add it for me.


Hi T.R.H.

I think that you might need to create a passport.

There's a button labelled "Create a Passport" on the same page that asked you for your email address when you tried to upload.

I don't think you need a hotmail account, just your regular email address.

Mike. :D

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