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Making a dirt bike street legal

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So I have a 2011 Kawasaki KX250F (motocross bike) that I bought used from a man in Georgia back in 2015 (he claimed he was the second owner and that the previous owner had bought the bike new in Georgia). I may be getting a new motocross bike soon, and I am highly interested in legalizing my KX250F for street use. I have read in a separate forum (link below) that it is possible to basically send in an “offroad use only” title and all information to the South Dakota DMV and they send back a street legal title, plate, etc. This would be my plan, but the only problem is that Georgia does not title motocross bikes, so I do not have one. So what should I do? Would it be possible to get a bonded title somehow? Thanks in advance.



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While you might get it through, realize you are doing so fraudulently and it can come back and haunt you.

All motor vehicles, come with a Federal MCO/MSO that the owner holds onto, the finance company holds onto and at some point, if applicable, is converted into a regular title. Assuming the bike was not financed and the first owner simply lost it (would you lose the title to your car, papers for your house or marriage license???) you may legally own the bike.

Me? I'd run the VIN through the Georgia state police and So. and No. Carolina ones as well as the DMV's to ensure there are no outstanding claims on it before doing anything.

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Let me know how this works out... the SD thing. I didn't know it was possible, and just bought a used yamaha wr250r...  Its DEE-cent and all, but if I could get a tag for my '96 Honda cr250r.....

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I tagged my KDX-200 through SD back in 2015.... I bought it used and didn't have anything but a bill of sale. Went through no probs, got a street title and then transferred it over to NC without any probs and now have a NC street title. It actually just came up for renewal next month

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tons of bikes are titled through South Dakota save then transferred to their state. it's legal, iI's moral, there is nothing wrong with using South Dakota to start the process and transfer to your own state. if states weren't so stupid about paper work they could reap the tax benefits of more bikes titled for street use and more insured bikes instead of "runners".


last weekend not one single Leo cared about my tagged kdx that cruised through their towns. I love north Georgia

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Yeah, I'm gonna wait a while to make my kx250f street legal, and honestly its mainly due to personal financial reasons. But when I make it street legal, I'll probably do it through dirtlegal.com. How it works is that for like 350 bucks they do ALL the complicated work necessary to get most any bike street legal and send you back the title, registration, and tag. They seem to be experts on this, and were confident they could get mine street legal even with my complicated situation. And based on all the good reviews its legit.

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As far as in the state of Maryland at least, using a 'bill of sale' I was able to title my `06 WR450 last year!  Below are the steps I took.  ‘Examples’ of the documentation are even provided at the end!

Doing a bit of online research determined I needed a ‘Writ of Mandamus’ issued by a judge from the local Circuit Court, ordering the DMV (in Maryland it’s the Motor Vehicle Administration, or MVA) to issue a title/ registration.  It did take a little legwork, and patience for the system to work.  In my case, it took about two months (left out paperwork in 1st step), but if all the right documentation is submitted...the first time(!), it should be fairly quick...month or less?

Note:  The Circuit Court Clerks cannot provide legal advice, but they can advise as to what to mail to whom, how long things may take, or what the next steps are in the process.  Be nice to them and they should be helpful.

Step  1.

I first typed up documents to get the ball rolling:

A ‘Petition for Order’ Requiring Motor Vehicle Administration of Maryland to title one: 2006 Yamaha WR450.  In the petition, list as much detail as you can:

- Details of the transaction (date, amount paid, description, VIN, Seller’s info, etc.)

- Details of what steps you may have taken up to this point.  (proof of insurance, a state  inspection, etc.)

- If you performed a VIN check yourself (http://www.VINCheckPro.com was the cheapest)

Attached to the petition was an ‘Affidavit of Plaintiff’ (myself) stating all facts were true and correct to the best of my knowledge.  This document had to be notarized.  Cost me $5 at a lawyer’s office across the street from the court house.  Could have done it for free with my financial advisor, or at my credit union, but the lawyer’s was convenient.

Step  2.

I took these two documents to my local county’s Clerk of the Circuit Court to file a case.  This cost me $165 to file. Cash or Check only…they don’t take credit cards.

Step  3.

The Circuit Court completed a ‘Writ of Summons’ to be sent to the MVA.  This was mailed to me and I then mailed it via Certified Mail (signature required) to the MVA office in Glen Burnie, MD.  The Writ of Summons included all the details I provided in the petition.

Step  4. (If you have ample documentation in Step 3, this step may not happen)

The MVA responded with a ‘Motion For A More Definite Statement’ …they wanted more detail.  They wanted to see a copy of the Bill of Sale and either a photo or ‘pencil rub’ of the VIN.   I had not included these two items in Step 3.

NOTE: If the above happens, you will likely get a copy from the DMV of what they mailed to the Circuit Court.  Don’t act on this copy.  You must wait until you receive direction from the Court to respond!  You then send a response to the Circuit Court and a copy to the DMV.

I received an order from the circuit court to respond to the ‘Motion For A More Definite Statement’

Step  5. (Again, if you provide sufficient documentation, this may not be required)

I provided a ‘Response to Motion for More Definite Statement’ to the Circuit Court Clerk and included:

Exhibit A – Copy of the Bill of Sale

Exhibit B – A photo of the VIN

Note:  On these copies make sure to annotate ‘Exhibit A, Exhibit B’, as applicable.

I also mailed a copy to the MVA.  I had to fill out a ‘Certificate of Service’ while at the Circuit Court Clerk’s counter, certifying that I had mailed a copy to the MVA.

The MVA mailed an ‘Answer and Order of the MVA to Petition for Writ of Mandamus’ to be filed in this case.  In short, that is them admitting defeat(!) and stating they would title/ register the mode of transportation (subject to all titling & transfer fees, and meet all inspection requirements).

The Circuit Court then sent me a Court date to appear, but I ultimately did not have to.  In cases like this they often run them past a sitting judge and an outcome is decided by a simple reading.  This saves the court time and money, as much as it does everybody else.  Before the court date I received a ‘Writ of Mandamus’, signed by a judge, ordering the MVA to Title the mode of transportation.

Step  6.

I took the ‘Writ of Mandamus’ along with the other documentation normally required for titling/ registration to the MVA and got a title/ registration issued!  I had two different people at the Motor Vehicle Administration say that while they occasionally get asked about this process, I was the 1st person they had ever seen actually title/ register anything using this process.


The following pages are examples of what to submit.  If your state does not have its own documents and you choose to use these, make sure you change EVERYTHING that pertains to you (References of State, County, Addresses) and your particular case!  If you leave old (incorrect) info in, it will delay your process.  I hope this helps some of you get your bikes on the road!



Your full Name_______________ ___         *IN THE CIRCUIT COURT FOR

Street Address ______________        

Anytown, MD ZIPCODE____________         * ST MARY’S COUNTY


                                                                        * In Equity

Motor Vehicle Administration _ _____                   * Case Number_____________________           

6601 Ritchie Highway NE ___ __ ____ 

Glen Burnie, MD 21062________ ____

Defendant #1





Defendant #2


Petition for Order Requiring Motor Vehicle

Administration of Maryland


TO TITLE ONE:             Year Make Model                           




PLAINTIFF,     Your Full Name                                           




Plaintiff,     Your Full Name       , in proper person,

Respectfully represents unto Your Honor.


1.     That on or about the  fourteenth  day in   July      , 201X     ,  Plaintiff paid the sum of  XXX Thousand, XXX hundred dollars    ($X,XXX) for the purchase of one Year Make Model  , Serial #                                   .    (hereinafter referred to as ‘the motorcycle’) to Seller’s Name (hereinafter referred to as  ‘Seller’), of  Seller’s Full Address. 

2.     The transaction between Plaintiff and Seller was made with a Bill of Sale only.  At time of transaction, Seller stated he had purchased the motorcycle with a Bill of Sale only, as well.  The Seller was not concerned with a title when he purchased the motorcycle, because the intent was to ride the motorcycle on the sellers’ private property.

3.     Per Seller’s statement at the time of transaction with the Plaintiff, Seller had no documentation the motorcycle had previously been registered to Seller or the party in which Seller bought the motorcycle from.

4.     The Plaintiff is unable to determine previous owners prior to Seller.

5.     The Plaintiff has made any necessary repairs the motorcycle, and had a Maryland State Vehicle Inspection performed on the   second  day in   January  2016  , at Place of Business, Complete Mailing Address, where the motorcycle  passed all inspection requirements.

6.     The Plaintiff secured full coverage insurance on the motorcycle, on the   fifteenth  day in   January  2016  , through  Agents Name – State Farm Insurance Agent, Complete Mailing Address  .

7.     The Plaintiff went to the Maryland Vehicle Administration (MVA) Office, Loveville Branch, 27351 Point Lookout Rd, Loveville, MD 20656  on the   fifteenth  day in   January  ,  2016  , to title and register the motorcycle, but was told that without a previous owner’s title, he could not title/ register the motorcycle in Maryland.  Employees at the Loveville MVA office suggested he contact the MVA office in Glen Burnie, MD 21062.

8.     The Plantiff contacted the Glen Burnie MVA office on the   second  day in   January  2016 , via phone : (410) 768-7000, and was told Plaintiff would need to get a Writ of Mandamus from the court.

9.     The Plaintiff performed a   ‘VIN check’   on the motorcycle on the    twenty first  day in   January  ,  2016  , through   VINCheckPro  . (http:///www.vincheckpro.com) .  VINCheckPro uses the   National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS)  , an electronic system that contains information on vehicles titled in the United States.  NMVTIS is intended to serve as a reliable source of title and brand history for vehicles.  All states, insurance companies, and junk and salvage yards are required by federal law to regularly report information to   NMVTIS  .  However NMVTIS does not contain information on all motor vehicles in the United States because some states are not yet providing their vehicle data to the system.  The VIN check states   ‘No problems found’   with the motorcycle.

10.     The Plaintiff has been unable to use the motorcycle since purchasing it in        July, 2015       .

11.     That the Plaintiff has contacted the Motor Vehicle Administration of Maryland regarding the registration and the title problems involved in this case and the Motor Vehicle Administration advised that it would agree to title the motor vehicle in the Plaintiff’s name if it were ordered by this court to do so.

WHEREFORE, the Plaintiff Prays:



That this Honorable Court order the Motor Vehicle Administration of Maryland to title one Year  Make  Model  , Serial #                                 


In the name of the Plaintiff,    Your Full Name     .

That Plaintiff is awarded such other and further relief as his/her cause may require.








                                                                                                                                       Your Street Address.                                 

                                                                                                                                       Your town, state, ZIP                                



                                                                                                                                       Your Phone Number                                                                                                                                                                                                      Plaintiff





Your Full Name__________________            *IN THE CIRCUIT COURT FOR

Your Street Address. ______________

Town, State, ZIP     . ____________             * ST MARY’S COUNTY


                                                                  * In Equity

Motor Vehicle Administration _ _____             * Case Number_____________________           

6601 Ritchie Highway NE ___ __ ____      

Glen Burnie, MD 21062________ ____

Defendant #1





Defendant #2


Affidavit of Plaintiff






I, Your Full Name    , make oath that the Following facts are true and correct to the best of my knowledge, information and belief.


1.     That I purchased a    Year  Make  Model   , Serial No. (VIN)     XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for the sum of  $X,XXX  .


2.     That I am unable to use the motor vehicle because I cannot register the vehicle in Maryland.


I HEAREBY CERTIFY, that on this ______________ day of _____________________   _____, before me, a NOTARY PUBLIC for said STATE and COUNTY, personally appeared _________________________, Affiant, and made oath in due form of law that the matters and facts hereinabove set forth are true and correct to the best of his/her knowledge, information and belief.



                                                                                                NOTARY PUBLIC

                                                                                                My Commission Expires:






                                                                                                                                                                                                                         February, 25, 2016

Your Name                                                                                        

12345 Your Street Dr

Your town, MD Zipcode



Clerk of the Circuit Court

For St. Mary’s County

41605 Courthose Drive

P.O.Box 676

Leonardtown, MD 20650

                                                                                                                                              RE:      Your Name


                                                                                                                                              Motor Vehicle Administration

                                                                                                                                              Case No. xx-x-xx-xxxxxx


Dear Clerk,

            Enclosed please find (Your Name)’s Response to Motor Vehicle Administration’s Motion For A More Definite Statement filed on behalf of the Motor Vehicle Administration.


Thank you.



                                                                                                                   (Sign in this area)

                                                                                                                   Print Your Name

cc:        Motor Vehicle Administration



Your Name                                                                                                             *

Plaintiff                                                                                                                  *          CASE NO. xx-x-xx-xxxxxx


MOTOR VEHICLE ADMINISTRATION                                                                         *

Defendant                                                                                                              *






Per the motion of the Maryland Vehicle Administration for a more definite statement, attached is a copy of:

1. Exhibit A - The bill of sale between the previous owner, (seller’s Name) and (Your Name)

2. Exhibit B - A photo of the VIN


                                                                        Respectfully submitted,

                                                                       Your Name          

                                                                     12345, Street Name Dr.

                                                                      Your town, MD Zipcode


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