Cleaner (The Bike)

I was told that Formula 409 was a good cleaner for the bike. I guess you just spray it on a dry bike than wait a few minutes and hose it off. Off comes the grease and crap. My question is, has anyone ever used those foam engine degreasers to clean there bike? If so, what does it do to the plastic? Does it work? Any other suggestions?


Dennis :)

I use "Simple Green" with the same procedure (comes in a spray bottle or gallon). Spray it on a dry bike wait 15-20 min. The dirt and grime comes right off with a hose.

and it is environmentally safe :)


After reading so many posts about how great "Simple Green" was, I tried it myself. It worked great! Sorry, I have not tried the foam cleaners.


Once you are done washing off with simple green try using tire cleaner/foam on anything rubber or plastic. It foams on, you wait 5 minutes, then wipe of. Gives the bike that showroom look! Look so good you may not want to get it dirty again.


There is nothing on the planet that can make my bike look showroom again :)

Simple green

I started riding last year on a TTR 250. I would ride 2hrs. Come home and clean the bike for three hours with about six different brushes. All various sizes to get every spot on the bike. Now I hose the bike down then spray it w/Simple green, then hose it again. The bike gets clean in places you can't even see. Let the bike dry then spray the whole thing down w/Armorall. I only whipe the excess off the plastic. The bike looks better than show room. Everytime someone new sees it they think it is my first ride on it. It gets a little expensive buying the Simple Green and Armorall but the bike looks great and it saves a ton of time and back breaking scrubbing. I have gotten Simple green in my eyes and mouth w/no ill effects, by the way it has a pine fresh taste.

You can buy Simple Green at home depot in large economy size jugs, 1 gallon I think, and it's cheaper than buying the smaller spray bottles. Then pour it into and old simple green spray bottle or buy a new spray bottle for a buck.


Simple Green

$6 costco 1gal or $4.50 at Checker Auto/quart

then use something like NO-TOUCH TIRE CARE

and wipe down.

spray all your hoses and radiator and any thing else.

The whole thing looks new.

But.................when you go to ride the next time it collects dust like a magnet!

oh well! looks good for a while!



That's not thunder ridin' your BUTT .........

It's a whole Damn HURRICANE!!!!!!

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I've used GUNK brand Engine Bright and several other foaming cleaners, but never on the plastic. The cleaners work OK on heavy grease like oil leaks mixed with dirt or excess waxy chain lube around the primary sproket. My son rides a 2-smoker so we have a nasty cleanup challenge each ride. When I use use the cleaners I usually end up at the car wash trying to get the chain lube off the wheels and swingarm.

I recently purchased a large jug of Simple Green hoping the fantastic claims people make in the posts I read are not fantasy. I haven't tried it on the bikes yet so the jury is still out.

Bought the gallon jug today at Costco based upon this thread. Pulled the SeaDoo and WaveVenture out of the garage because we're taking them out for Memorial Day Weekend. The SeaDoo is an older 92' XP. The steering column has that purple vinyl on it. It has black stains that I have tried for years to remove. I sprayed Simple Green full strength on it and let it sit for a couple minutes. Used a sponge on it for several seconds. When I rinsed it off I was SURPRISED to see no more black stains! I haven't tried it on my WR426 yet, but I'm sold!


We don't get the wondrous simple green on our little island. Does anyone know of an equivalent over here?



A couple of other good cleaners are "Oil Eater" from Costco and "Whestleys Bleche Wite" from any of your auto shops. I've had excellant results with both.

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