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YZ125 Top End

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Putting a new top end in my 13' YZ125.  Been a while since I did a two stroke.  Any comments on photos?  I was pretty appalled at how bad the port castings and finishings are.  I don't remember them being that bad on my previous 2 strokes.  Also the bridge on the exhaust port seems to sits lower than the rest of the bore is that normal?  Bike was running fine.  47 hours on piston and rings.  927 @ 32-1.

Bike has been run pretty hard with a mix of desert racing, MX, Flat Track and Supermoto.  Rider is a petite 235 pounds.







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The low spot is there out of necessity.   It would "bulge" when it gets hot and score the face of the piston head and skirt otherwise.  I like to clean them with something like oven cleaner enought check for cracks,  but that one looks good.  

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