Best Trails in Michigan?

I was wondering what would be the best trails for an amateur dirt bike rider? Trails with variety like tight trails, climbs, rocky, enduro stuff. Not just a straight wide line the whole time you know? Give me some options.

I haven't ridden it yet but I know Evart in the Lower Peninsula gets a lot of praise.  I haven't started exploring in the Upper Peninsula yet, but I'm guessing there is some technical stuff up there.

AMA district 14 puts on an enduro series in Michigan and Indiana.  That might be something to look into as well.


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You talking names and location? Your an ameteur and wanna get better ride them all and take notes of what matches your style sure you can ask someone a place and continue til they tell you ever turn and rock or tree to avoid but where's the fun? Get out there and see for yourself wear protective gear take some falls learn some lessons and if you come to an obstacle your not ready for hop of and turn around, not always the easiest but you catch my drift?? 


However this should help

Each trail is star rated and brief descriptions sometimes video footage...



Tomahawk is also a great trail in Wolverine Michigan. They have several loops and most of it is single track motorcycle only. I like Evart but Tomahawk is better groomed. At 46 yrs old the whoops get the best of me is there is enough of them.

Where are you located and what do you ride? Bundy hill off road park is small, gets smaller fast, but has changing and a few different terrains. Lots of fun for a day trip and to take your time to learn. Has mud too be VERY careful with what might be deep puddles. There are hill climbs and some cliffs.

St Helen has sand, whoops and more sand with some good loops, some dirt/snirt trails, some of my favorite.

 Heard good things about evart and black lake but haven't been.

Just rode bull gap/ Glennie/ Barton city trails. They were great, smooth, whoops, hills, some mud, dirt, has a little bit of everything but is very isolated with little traffic if you ride alone.

Hope this helps!

Just rode M20 to Big O today.  Lots of puddles from recent rain and a whole lots of whoops, as it's also a 4 Wheeler trail.  Still a fun ride.  Planning on Evart tomorrow.

Evart was a lot of fun.  A few decent hill climbs and elevation changes, lots of rocks, but still a lot of sand whoops which aren't my favorite, and a lot of puddles.  Still running the Continental TKC80 dual sport tires that came with my bike.  They sucked pretty much on everything I rode today.  Had the front at about 10lbs and the rear at about 13.  Time for them to go.

We also ran Horseshoe Lake.  No sand, much tighter single track weaving through the trees, so also much fewer whoops as straight sections were fewer and far between.  Only downside is the north half of the trail requires a street legal bike.  Mine is, my son's isn't (yet), so we didn't run the north portion.  The south end was a blast.  First loop was about 11 miles, second loop was about 3.  Not a single puddle, and again zero sand.  Being a 58 year old, out of shape dude just getting back into the sport, out of the 3, this trail was my favorite.

Back in lower Alabama now.  Dang it's hot down here . . . .


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tire pressue seems backward. I typically run 12 -15 in front and 10 -12 in the rear; Michelin S12s with HD tubes.  Softer rear that the tire be more compliant (grippy) on all terrain.

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tire pressue seems backward. I typically run 12 -15 in front and 10 -12 in the rear; Michelin S12s with HD tubes.  Softer rear that the tire be more complinat (grippy) on all terrain.

It's correct.  I had a gauge . . . but not a pump after I let the air out . . .

But to be totally honest - brand new bike, stock springs (165-187 lbs rider).  Just weighed myself with gear - 245 lbs.  Left Jeff Slavens a message yesterday to help me out with new front and rear springs.  Also need to ditch the tires.  I used to run S12's on my KTM years ago.  May be the tires I go to.

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Come out and ride with the Bent Wheels and the CCC at the fall color tour in Rose Cityb1d7c407bb6254aa82318034d98073e2.jpg

If you want tight technical "Old School Enduro" type trail Moss Lake is hard to beat.

The north west section of Brevort/Trout Lake is good too.

Plenty of options in the U.P.

On 7/9/2017 at 9:29 PM, tcmII said:


tire pressue seems backward. I typically run 12 -15 in front and 10 -12 in the rear; Michelin S12s with HD tubes.  Softer rear that the tire be more compliant (grippy) on all terrain.

I'm back up in Michigan now with TuBliss, Michelin StarCross 5 mediums, correct springs/suspension setup for my weight, desmogged and a Vortex ECU.  Won't change the old dude riding the bike, but the bike itself should handle much better.  Will hit Horseshoe Lake tomorrow, then something new next weekend.

Would love to eventually hit some of the stuff in the UP, guess it'll have to wait till next year.

Headed to Moab in early October to ride for a week with my son.  Have done that before, looking forward to it.

Hit Horseshoe Lake this morning.  70 degrees and a cool breeze.  Awesome ride.  Mods on the bike made a huge difference.  New springs and oil level - much less bottoming out on the whoops, Tubliss and Michelins - much better traction.  13/49 gearing - was able to stretch 3rd gear for most of the tight single track.  Desmogged/uncorked and Vortex on the 2nd map - outstanding.  And the replacement clutch slave (new Oberon) worked flawlessly.  Fun day.

Can't wait to hit a few more next weekend, and eventually UP during one of my visits next spring.






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