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What additional expenses involved with a new 350 ??

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So..I am thinking of buying a new 4-stroke and love the 350 idea.  There are deals out there that tempt me.  I currently ride a 2014 YZ 250 that I bought new and all I do is MX track days and maybe a race or two in the slow class.  I raced mostly Yamaha 250Fs back in the day and could ride forever without getting tired, so that is what lures me back to the "dark side" again.  My YZ 250Fs never needed any additional set-up in the form of expensive additions to do my level of MX stuff, and if I buy a new 4-stroke, the last thing I want to do is spend and extra $1000-1500 in armor, parts and pieces and stuff to make it good for me.  I want to buy a stocker and simply ride a reliable bike.  So...if I buy a 350 SX-F new....are there things that I MUST do to make it ready for track days or can I simply ride it and worry about a rebuild at the normal hour levels and do oil/filter changes and call it good?

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