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suspension question

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im going through the 110, the shift star broke and while its apart im getting a 143cc cylinder and this kit, KLX 110 KLX110 DRZ 110 143cc Race Head Upgrade for 143cc Bore Kits 02-09 Models on ebay
its pretty much the head, camshaft, gaskets, piston/rings, race head intake.
then im looking at going for the kx65 suspension but i have no clue what cheap option to do for the rear.
my questions are: 
how big of an improvement is the kx65 forks over the kx60, is it worth the extra money and effort? or should i get the kx60 forks and install heavier springs/oil?
how do i use the klx 110's stem in the 65 forks, some people mentioned their welded to something but i cant remember what, we have all the tools needed to do the job.
for the rear, could i cut and lengthen the stock swingarm 3-5 inches to get extra ride height with a aftermarket shock? if so what shock should i get that would mount up to the stock swingarm that would handle a 170 pound rider well.

i really need good suspension, the bikes going to be hitting 45+foot jumps at my house and my cuzins but i cant spend a bunch of money on the rear suspension and swingarm which is why id like to do it myself if all possible to get a good even ride height. also whats the difference in travel between the kx60 and kx65 front forks?

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Get an entire ktm65 front end from an 09ish, cant remember the exact years but its a few, and it will bolt right up with a certain bearing kit. For the rear you should get any +2 or +4 you can find for a decent price. An mx style is going to need a shock relocation bracket, while an a arm style can use the stock mount. Read up on here and planetminis and you will find more info than you will ever need about all the options.

For the kx65 forks to work you have the put a klx stem into the kx clamps and then it will work.

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