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'09 300 XC-W cooling hoses/clamps

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After my most recent top end we could never get the hoses to seal off properly. They were just to worn near the thermostat it seems. I got a CV4 (cycra) kit and was trying to put it on. Pulled the right side radiator but now Ive  noticed that some of the hose clamps are permanent looking. Do i just dremel them off and buy hose clamps at Auto zone?

Pictures attached of them. They are the ones attached directly to the 'stat. I left th e regular ones in place to see them. Right now I wish I had purchased the hose kit for eliminating the stat, but its to late. Its open :(


John Myers



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Carefully cut the old clamps off and buy some quality stainless clamps to put back together and Moto on.




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